Writer, educator, director, composer, lyricist, performer, pianist, choreographer.

-His experience in theater as a writer, director, choreographer, composer and performer.

-Other work as a writer, including screenwriting, short stories and novels.

-His experience as an educator, and as author of curricula for ages 5-adult, Steps.

A few current professional assignments
(more in the site!):

-(2017) A new musical adapted from his short story of the same name, Snowflake, has been authored.  (Book, music and lyrics by Steven.)

-(2017) Steven started a series of short talks on creative writing, starting with how to write lyrics.  Take a look at the first brief talk!

-Also August 2017, Steven started a series of talks about education and homeschooling.  Take a look at the first talk about education!

-(2017) Steven completed the fully orchestrated demo recording of his musical, The Wheel Turns.

-(2017) Steven recorded a full demo for his children’s TV musical series, The Royal Troubadour’s Song.

– (2017) Steven has authored pilots and bibles for four new TV series concepts, placed currently with Devin Rice Productions.

– (2017) Being Black Enough, a feature film Steven story edited, won the Audience Award at the Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles.

– (2017) Collection number six of short stories is complete.  Hums The Words consists of 17 short stories inspired by the author’s favorite songs.

– (2017) Steven was hired to author the first draft of a feature film, Kyle’s Killer Song, now completed.

– (2017) Optioned to You Did It! Productions (they’ve produced many films, including co-producing the Oscar winner Monster) two feature screenplays, Start Again, and A Christmas Carol Relapse.